Miniature Millimeter Wave Synthesizer with integrated cooling fan


Effective DateFeb. 16, 2016
Type Number70 200 1098 004 0216
Frequency range68 - 72 GHz
Frequency resolution4 kHz
Output power170 mW @ 70.0 GHz (see figure)
Output flangeWR-12
External reference10 MHz at +/- 3 dBm (typ.)
Frequency accuracySame as External reference
REF input connectorBNC female standard
Power 100 ... 240V 50/60 Hz, approx. 20W
Weight1.0 kg


Measured frequency dependence at full power (v4200) for 68 to 72 GHz



Measured output power as the function of power setting parameter (v0 … v4200)