For tutorial application purposes, e.g. in the physics departments of colleges and universities, JSQ is offering an Axial HTS rf SQUID Gradiometer System which is especially well suited. The gradiometer is consisting of two SQUID magnetometers, each with a sensitivity better than 30 fT/√Hz at 77 K (in shielding in the white noise regime, >30 Hz) and adjustable gradiometer baseline. The system uses our novel substrate resonators as tank circuits.
The versatile Tutorial System includes also two JSQ RF SQUID electronics V4.0 (650 MHz) with Tiger Controller and Touchpanel , heater and summation electronics and a special liquid Nitrogen cryostat with high frequency shielding. The applications in a tutorial for students are to get a basic understanding of superconductivity and SQUID-sensors. The HTs rf-SQUIDs which are used in this set-up must be cooled in a specially shielded liquid Nitrogen cryostat which allows also to get know-how about the handling of cryogenic liquids. The voltage current and voltage flux characteristics of the SQUID can be measured with the system.